Recensioner: Buddhistisk meditation

från (den engelska upplagan):

This is a remarkable and potentially life changing book, 12 Dec. 2014 (5 stjärnor)
”If there is one book you should consider reading – this is it. It’s thought provoking and emotionally intelligent – there is much here to absorb and I am likely to read some or all of the book again. Read this because it’s an excellent book about meditation – but it’s equally a superb book about the human condition. Paramananda comes from a place of incredible insight and compassion”

A book for all meditation levels, 31 Jan. 2014 (5 stjärnor)
”This is a clear, no-nonsense guide to two forms of meditation – focusing on the breath and loving kindness, both of which are relevant to living today. The author has written it in such a way that it doesn’t talk down to experienced meditators and in fact, as an experienced meditator, I found some new ideas and practices here that have enhanced my current meditation techniques. Equally, the author makes it easy to understand for those who have perhaps never done any meditation before or who have little experience. Very skilfully written and interesting to read. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to find out more about meditation.” (By Dr. H. A. Jones ”Howard Jones” (Wales, UK)

The best text on meditation I have read, 21 Sept. 2013 (5 stjärnor)
”This, and Mathieu Ricard’s ”The art happiness” are the best introductions to Buddhist meditation I have read. This book is full of both practical and theoretical material that can form the basis of a sound meditation practice. The author is a lover of poetry; this is reflected in his beautiful writing style. Highly recommended.”

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